Case Study: How we went from 0 to over 40K€ a month from 6K€


Generic Toys, a leading provider of toys for children in the UK, decided to reach out to us to expand their business in the European Marketplace creating a market presence and generating sales in a competitive landscape. Facing the challenge of entering a new market where their brand both online and offline was unknown, they embarked on a strategic overhaul of their sales and marketing operations.


Generic toys is an affordable ecommerce toy and craft business, they believe that kids’ fun shouldn’t cost a fortune and that’s why they offer great quality toys, arts, crafts, stationery and much more at an affordable price.

Their extensive product range caters to various lines, including stationery, board games, bubbles, cosmetics, coloring, painting and crafting.
As EU marketplaces already had their own established top Toys’ Brands, Generic necessitated an innovative approach to create and grow their market share outside of the UK.


The primary challenge was to generate sales volume and revenue in a foreign market saturated with established competitors. Generic needed to attract new customers while enhancing operational efficiency and navigating through the supply chain complexities that came with an EU expansion.

The Approach

To create a market presence and boost sales for Generic, we embarked on a comprehensive analysis of our target market and its potential. Our strategy was developed with a clear understanding of the market size and customer needs, guiding us toward a multi-dimensional plan comprising the following key elements:

Catalog Management

  • At the beginning we had a limited catalog (40 ASINs) that we decided to fully optimize for each marketplace that we operate in (IT, FR, DE) so we did local trending keywords research and applied the SEO strategy for the titles and bullet points in order to have a catalog that would be ‘customer ready’.
  • Our listing creation and optimization process was exhaustive, covering every detail from start to finish, and we strategically expanded our catalog to include some lines that represented an opportunity (increasing the selection by +100% in 3 months). In fact we asked the client to include more EU consolidated lines, one good example is Barbie especially after the movie release and its consequent traffic growth.

Marketing & Design

  • Utilising Generic’s mission and existing brand assets, we developed engaging Premium A+ Content, Infographics, and Copywriting that effectively communicated with our target customers.
  • After creating a marketplace specific content for the copywriting part we saw a room of improvement for the local market customisation in the infographics and A+ Content. We translated the texts and uploaded all of the images in the marketplace specific language.
  • We ran some tests in order to be able to establish through data the most appealing main images for our lines, we mainly edited the original images in order to be able to show the contents of the specific product and its name translated in the local language.
  • We harnessed our proprietary SEO processes to enhance our product rankings, indexing, and online traffic, ensuring that customers could easily find our products.


  • Our advertising campaigns were meticulously crafted, focusing on primary keywords, direct and indirect competitors, and category-specific targeting. We also utilized video content and defensive strategies to guard against customer attrition to competing listings.
  • We strategically allocated PPC spending to maximize our investment in the competitive first aid space, frequently updating our PPC campaigns to align with seasonal shifts and consumer behavior changes.

Through this holistic and agile approach, Generic toys was able to not only meet but exceed its sales objectives, cementing its position as a frontrunner in the toys sector.


The results were striking:

    • Revenue Generation: Starting from an account that had no revenues we’ve been able to generate +15k of Revenues in IT, +18k in DE, +18.5k in FR in less than 3 months, indicating a strong market uptake and effective sales strategy.
    • Units Sold Generation: There was a substantial unit volume sellout in a short time period with 900 units in IT, 1200 in DE and 1100 in FR, highlighting successful market penetration and customer acquisition.
    • Increase in ROAS and TACOS: The increase in Turnover was brought as an adequate increase in Ad Spent. 


Generic Toys’ strategic initiatives have not only driven financial success but have also reinforced their reputation for excellent quality-price ratio and reliability in the EU. 

We are creating a strong foundation for sustained growth in the years to come that will have its explosion once the supply chain will be fully set up. We believe that Generic can build up a brand awareness as strong as the one that they have in the UK.