Amazon Business | New Strategy to get into Big Box Retail Markets

Using Amazon to Help Your Product Get into Big Box Retailers

It’s hard to get big stores to sell your product if they don’t know your brand.


They don’t want to sell something that might not be popular.


But, We have found something useful that you might want to use next time you send your offer to a buyer from Retailer X!


If you sell your product on Amazon and get lots of good reviews, big stores might notice.


Imagine you have a toy and over 1000 people on Amazon say they love it.


You can tell the big stores, “Look, lots of people like my toy!”


Analyse your reviews and bring a detailed analysis to the meeting with the buyer.


This will really help the buyer fully understand your product and the reasons why it could work in their stores.


So, selling on Amazon first can help you show big stores that people really like your product.


If it’s a hit on Amazon, big stores might want to sell it too!


Takes time to get into big box retailers but with the right strategic approach Amazon can be a gateway to new offline channels for your business.


We spent the last 6 month developing relationships and finding partners.


Amazon is our priority however we have always been advocates of using Amazon as gateway to big box retailers.


Build reviews, test sales and make your product and price right, so that you are ready to go big offline as well.


Italy, Europe and GCC.


Give us a ring and we can set up a free assestment of your product and see how it would perform in retail market!

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