Amazon Prime Wardrobe: How to use Amazon’s dressing room

Amazon is customer-centric. We’ve always said that. And probably this has always been its strength.



Putting the customer, their needs, their desires above all else, even when this means making the job of the seller more difficult.



Personally, having a threefold view of the Amazon world, as a seller of products through my store, as a consultant for those who want to become a Seller on the platform, and as a customer, I believe that, although sometimes the selling profession is challenging and Amazon tends to throw a few spanners in the works, the policy it has adopted since its inception in the 90s is winning.





For customers today, Amazon is a guarantee. A guarantee that concerns not so much the products that are purchased but the services to which, as a customer, you have access to:



  • Prime shipping, often on the same day as the order and, in any case, practically always guaranteed within 24 hours;
  • Free returns for all products sold directly by Amazon (and now also for most of those shipped directly by sellers);
  • Immediate Prime customer support, and above all, effective and resolutive.

However, this was not enough for the management of the American giant because, recently, a new program has been introduced: It’s called PRIME WARDROBE, and it’s a service dedicated to Prime customers interested in Fashion categories.



Amazon PRIME WARDROBE allows you to add up to 6 fashion items to your cart and have them delivered to your home, try them for 7 days, and then only pay for what you decide to keep, returning the other products for free, thanks to the return label that comes with the selected items.



This sales model (already active on other lesser-known e-commerce sites such as the Spanish Lookiero, through which a personal shopper sends clothes to the customer’s home, who then chooses what to keep, pay for, and what to send back at no additional cost) will allow Amazon customers to create outfits directly in the cart, receive them at home, and try them on before even paying.




In short, an upgrade of the “Always Free Return” formula that allows you to pay only at a later time and only for what you like and want to keep.



Prime Wardrobe is included in Prime memberships and does not require payment of additional fees. Eligible for the program are clothing, shoes, and accessories for women, men, children, and babies that bear the “Prime Wardrobe” icon or wording.