Amazon PPC | Sponsored Products – Broad Match Modifier

Sponsored Products in Broad Match Modifier, what the heck are those, and why do the ROAS for my AMAZON campaigns go up?!


For a couple of weeks, one of our clients was experiencing fluctuating sales, and we thought, “Well, it’s normal, not every day is the same.”


Days passed, and we still couldn’t understand why.


Sales started to decline compared to the previous weeks with the same ad spend.


From an analysis, it emerged that the average CPC in the industry had risen, but that wasn’t a problem: we adjusted the bid and optimized.


Still no significant transformation for a few days, and then the breakthrough…


By testing various campaigns, we launched Sponsored Products campaigns in Broad Match Modifier, which helped us to fully restore sales.


But what are they? They are identical to Broad Match campaigns, but the only difference is that a “+” is placed in front of each keyword (phrase or broad).

sponsored products in broad match modifier sponsored products in broad match modifier

Let me make an example: You’ve launched a new product and aren’t seeing great results.


Broad match modifier campaigns allow you to find the best combinations of keywords that consumers are searching for on Amazon. It will add other keywords before, after, or in the middle of the keywords picked, increasing the conversion rate and lowering the ACoS.


You can use this type of campaign alongside others to see which performs better and/or if they perform well together.


Try them out and let us know how it performed!

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